We are not a brand, not a collection, but a container of radical and non-conformist design experiences that transversally explore materials and formal lexicons, that involve a deep reflection on the quality of artefacts and a rejection of the fast disposal of things.

We promote the chance of experimenting with objects that explore art, play, dream and metaphor. We force the rigid rationalist form/function dichotomy, trying to suggest a freer, more personal, more conscious interaction with the objects.

We work on the idea of the “piece unique”, reproducible in series through limited and numbered editions, moving away from the economic and social dynamics of mass production and ideally touching on the idea of seriality of Pop Art.

The main protagonist of each project is the concept, the ever-changing genesis that leads from the idea to the tangible form of the objects. They are pure objects, abstract objects, conceived without any decorative additions that might recall a trend, without any logos that might identify them as merchandise.

We create absolute objects, designed to evoke a feeling of affection in those who choose and live them, as if they had already been in their thoughts, be they dreams or utopias.